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Its politically correct, no animals died. Erik Laykin Some real change on a very grassroots level, you can see it on a daily basis. Lily Laykin Less talk, more action, lets really get things done, lets make America great again, I hate to sound cliched but, starting with active some basic stuff and bringing the people together. I think Trump has a huge job to do to heal all these divisions and wounds. Hes got to find the middle ground. Erik Laykin Frank Scurlock Photo: Joel Barhamand More Im from the city of New Orleans, and New Orleans is pretty crazy with Mardi Gras and stuff like that, so I actually happen to have a collection of pretty wild and unique jackets, and when we came up here for this wonderful event I said, You know, this is the jacket that I choose to wear. Were draining the swamp; I decided to bring some swamp boots from New Orleans. Frank Scurlock Lauren Mills (right) Photo: Joel Barhamand More I am wearing an Eliza J dress from Nordstrom and really, really old shoes and a Dennis Basso faux-fur Leopard coat. I hope everybody walks away with some good vibes, a รองเท้าส้นเตารีด good feeling, laid back, but ready to work over the รองเท้าผู้หญิง คนอ้วน weekend. Weve got a lot to do and the country needs to get reunified and hes the man to do it. Lauren Mills Lance Griffen Photo: Joel Barhamand More Just wearing a black tuxedo, a tan, beige cashmere trench coat and a red Make America Great Again cap and a plaid cashmere scarf. I hope to see America made a little bit greater again. Lance Griffen Leo and Angie Wells Photo: Joel Barhamand More The coat is out of Carmel, Calif., Augustina Furs; the dress Im not even sure. Im, unfortunately, not a name-brand person. The earrings Ive got on are my favorite from a store on St. Simons Island in Georgia named Talbots. Angie Wells Marie Melendez Photo: Joel Barhamand More I love Trump, Ive been a Republican for a long time. God gives it to me [my outfit].

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