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Some of the roads have sliding fees — 35 cents to $2 per mile — for well-off drivers willing to pay the price to drive faster. Locally, they’re called Lexus Lanes. The sliding-scale fees at peak times discourage single-occupant from using the special lanes. But there’s no disincentive for zero-emission vehicles. No matter what time of day they use the lanes, they’re free. 10X Increase in Clean Car Stickers 2013-2018 The California DMV said the number of cars receiving green or white clean air vehicle stickers jumped 44 percent in the 14-month period ending March 1, to about 320,000. Since 2013, the number of cars issued clean air decals increased tenfold. Meanwhile, the Metro Express Lanes, the ones intended for buses and carpools, are heavily frequented by fat cats — the solo drivers willing to pay as much as $15 for about 10 miles on I-10. They make up 49 percent of the total of express lane traffic, plus 6 percent EV-PHEV drivers traveling alone. The pending tariff for driving in an EV or PHEV in the express lanes will be minimal: 15 percent of the going rate.

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