Whatever Ideas Or Desires That Are Surfacing Have A High Shot At Sticking With This Team In Place.

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The Sun will also be favorably aspecting your ruler Pluto, helping you ground yourself within the intensity. This week kicks off with a unique surge of energy as Mercury and Uranus merge in Aries while aligning with steadiness to Saturn to seal the deal. Whatever ideas or desires that are surfacing have a high shot at sticking with this team in place. In addition, this is a week for fixing whatever feels to be warped or broken. With Mars in your house of the invisible world and harmonizing with Jupiter in your house of the Soul, heavenly guides may be showing up in your dreams to direct your next steps. In the same vein, they are available to help you let go of something from the past that is getting in the way of the gifts that live in the present. At times you have to feel something in full for one last time before you can finally and forever let it fly. Not only are you going to find a way to feel good this week, you are going to find a way to be free. Follow your Soul wind and it will be! I used to love to take the ball and run with it, the faster the better. Yet my chosen sport of soccer is a team sport, so at an early age I would often hear my coach yell, “let the ball do the work ”.

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